Featured Examples

Featured Examples

FairVote is located in Takoma Park, Maryland, so we created a ranked choice poll for the Democratic and Republican congressional nomination races happening in our district. With eight candidates running, voters in our home state could really use ranked choice voting to make sure their voices are heard and their votes count. 

Democratic Congressional Nomination in Maryland's 8th District

https://civinomics.com/polls/128299/resultsheight:60vh; width:60vw; margin-top: -60px;

Republican Congressional Nomination in Maryland's 8th District

https://civinomics.com/polls/129258/resultsheight:60vh; width:60vw; margin-top: -60px;

https://civinomics.com/polls/234343/resultsheight:60vh; width:60vw; margin-top: -60px;

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