Posted by Austin Plier on December 22, 2016 at 2:59 PM

Dear Friend,

It's been quite a year for American democracy - one that has only underscored that rules matter, from primaries to the November election. We at FairVote have been humbled by the outpouring of support this fall, sparked by an historic win for ranked choice voting in Maine and a recognition that we've been ahead of the curve on our core proposals to give voters more voice, greater choice and fair representation.

The FairVote team, from Maryland-based staff to our projects based in California and New Mexico and our national election administration team at, have done great work. Just to get a sense of what we do, take this busy 24 hour stretch from earlier in the week in New York City.

I had a strategy meeting with 15 volunteer activists who want to seize opportunities for reform, like helping New York City start using ranked choice voting. A proposal to do so is backed by a majority of New York city councilors and passed this year in the New York State Senate.

Then I met with Nate Silver, Carl Bialik and others at about FairVote's election analysis.

I went to National Public Radio to tape a segment with Robert Siegel of "All Things Considered" about the merits of our nonpartisan approach to Electoral College reform, the brilliant National Popular Vote plan advanced so effectively in states by John Koza and National Popular Vote.

I had four additional great meetings with backers and reform allies about ways we can advance the reform ball, both in the city and nationally.

Every day brings its excitement. We welcome all the great new energy of people wanting to get involved, and encourage you to review 11 ideas for getting involved from our deputy outreach director Grace Ramsey.

And yes, it is the end of the year, and yes, we depend greatly on individual giving. Here are ways to donate to FairVote, including a link to our year-end letter.

As we enter the holiday season, we'll keep adding new content to our blog and social media outlets -- and will look forward to hearing from you and finding ways to partner with as many of you as possible in 2017.


Sincerely yours,

Rob Richie
Executive Director, FairVote

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