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FairVote launches new "Voice and Choices" podcast

FairVote launches new

With a crucial election season approaching and a political landscape ready for electoral reform, FairVote has launched a new podcast to accompany its "Voices and Choices" blog. It will feature a diverse group of activists, journalists and thought leaders from inside the beltway and around the country.

As a fun means to kick things off, Media Relations Director Rich Robinson spoke with The Wrap's Awards Editor Steve Pond, and discussed the history of Motion Picture Academy's use of ranked choice voting to select its Oscar nominees and the winner for Best Picture.

And because FairVote offers anyone a chance to vote for each of the major categories using it's RankIt app (see the blog for the various categories), the conversation also included to a preview of the upcoming 90th Oscars.

Listen to the first "Voices and Choices" podcast here.

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