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FairVote Celebrates Voting Reform Leaders

FairVote Celebrates Voting Reform Leaders

On Monday, April 11, 2022, FairVote hosted the FairVote Awards in New York City. At this event, we took the opportunity to celebrate our movement and show our appreciation for a few people that have been working to make progress on crucial reforms.

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We first honored Andrew Yang with the American Democracy Leader Award. Andrew Yang has worked to break partisan divides to address issues felt by many Americans. He has become the single most prominent advocate for RCV and joined the FairVote Action Board of Directors in late last year. Despite not winning his 2021 bid for mayor of New York City, he has kept up his fight to better U.S. elections. He now travels the country promoting structural reforms for all Americans.

The next honoree was Katrina vanden Heuvel, who received the Voice for American Democracy Award. Katrina vanden Heuvel has been an active voice for effective democracy reform throughout FairVote’s decades of impact. She has served as the editor of The Nation magazine, a columnist for The Washington Post, and a frequent cable news guest. She has actively advocated for the end of winner-take-all elections, supported ranked choice voting, and worked on addressing the best way to give Americans an electoral system that allows their votes to truly matter

Finally, FairVote honored Kathryn Murdoch with the Voter Champion award. As the president of Quadrivium, she observed issues in how the incentive structures that are built into our current electoral system negatively impact our ability to address issues that truly matter to the American people. She has partnered with United America to create real structural improvements, and her philanthropic work has contributed to redistricting reform in numerous states. She has also helped win progress for RCV in states like Alaska, Utah, and Virginia, and has supported the work of fellow organizations in the voting reform space.

Aside from these incredible honorees, FairVote was privileged to be joined in New York by the SING Harlem Choir, CNN’s John Avlon, Unite America’s Nick Troiano, and Color of Change’s Rashad Robinson. Additionally, Danielle Allen of Harvard received special recognition for her work on the Our Common Purpose report with the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, which spotlights RCV and multi-member districts as key ways to improve the voting experience. 

FairVote looks forward to holding the FairVote Awards annually to mark our efforts to secure fair elections for all Americans within the decade. Thank you to all who joined and supported us in person, and those who supported us virtually. It has been an incredible 30 years of creating and advocating for impactful reforms that benefit all Americans, and we look forward to many more years to come.  


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