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Extensive media coverage lauds RCV's impressive week

Extensive media coverage lauds RCV's impressive week

This past week represented a watershed moment for the ranked choice voting (RCV) movement. 11 cities held successful RCV elections and, most excitingly, the sheer number of people living in RCV jurisdictions tripled after ballot measures passed in New York City and Easthampton, MA.

RCV’s stellar week was captured by comprehensive media coverage of the method’s use and expansion. This included an extensive television feature detailing the intricacies of RCV on Portland, ME’s mayoral race, which delved into the minutiae of the ballot and RCV’s inducement of positive campaigning in the race.

Additionally, CNBC produced a strong 12-minute profile of RCV that included particularly positive commentary from entrepreneur-turned-political-reformer Katherine Gehl and FairVote President and CEO Rob Richie. The video, which invokes the historical specter of third party candidates like Ralph Nader and Jill Stein, explains why RCV eliminates the spoiler effect and allows voters to choose their favorite candidates with a clean conscience.

In print, RCV was covered nationwide by outlets ranging from hyper-local to national. This includes coverage by the Associated Press, Politico, and the New York Times as well as by outlets like Fox 13 Salt Lake City, MassLive, and the Macomb Daily (MI).

It is clear that, with the help of this coverage, voters are starting to realize the potentially transformative benefits of RCV. Whether it is defeating vote splitting, encouraging positive campaigning, eliminating costly runoff elections, or increasing voter choice, RCV presents a better alternative to our stale, two-party status quo. We are pleased by the success of RCV in 2019—and hope to make 2020 an even better year for RCV—and, by extension, democracy.


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