Endorsers of the Fair Representation Act

Endorsers of the Fair Representation Act

We've just begun compiling a list of official endorsers of the Fair Representation Act. Here is an opening list of endorsing congressional members, individuals and organizations.

Congressional Sponsors:

Individuals & Organizations:

If your organization would like to add it's name in support, please contact Drew Spencer Penrose at dpenrose@fairvote.org.



Political polarization is higher than ever, and research shows that having more women in office will reduce the dysfunction and lack of collaboration crippling our legislative bodies. Ranked choice voting and multi-winner districts will move the United States to political parity faster. It couldn't be more imperative that we create more opportunities for women to run and win.

- Anne Moses, Founder and President of IGNITE


Americans across the political spectrum are growing increasingly frustrated with our system that offers binary choices and privileges the ideological extremes. Third Way applauds the introduction of the Fair Representation Act, which would be a major step toward empowering the full spectrum of American voters in Congressional elections. Under its proposed system, voters would know that they are choosing their elected officials, rather than politicians picking their voters. And liberals, conservatives, and moderates alike would be able to vote with both their head and their heart by ranking their choices, preventing the concern that the candidate of their choice will be a spoiler. Reforms like those in the Fair Representation Act would begin to address the simmering anger at our political system which boiled over in the last election and ensure that our democracy truly represents the variety of perspectives in our country.

--Lanae Erickson Hatalsky, Senior Vice President for the Social Policy & Politics Program 


"I enthusiastically support the Fair Representation Act. I have recruited and trained hundreds of candidates and helped to elect Black women and people of color candidates across the nation. The Fair Representation Act would further enable candidates from diverse backgrounds to run, have a fair shot to win, and offer a solution to a half-century of single winner districts that represent the few. Electoral justice demands it, our diverse country requires it." 

-- Jessica Byrd, Three Point Strategies & Movement for Black Lives 





With the Fair Representation Act, we'd end gerrymandering and ensure that everyone gets real representation in Congress. We support the Fair Representation Act and call on Congress to take action.




The Fair Representation Act would be a game changer for American politics. It would mean that everybody's vote counts. You don't have to live in a swing state, or a swing district in order to have your vote count. Everybody's vote will count equally after the FRA, and it would scramble the winner take all, zero-sum dynamics that are just tearing this country apart. Totally changes the incentives of politics. It will reduce polarization and partisanship, and give every person an equal voice in our politics.


--Lee Drutman, Senior Fellow at New America



logo5.gifThe Fair Representation Act would allow all people to have a say in who represents them, regardless of party or race. This proposal is an important reform that would make our democracy work better.


--Justin Nelson, President of One Nation, One Vote

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