Emily Risch

Communication's Manager

Emily Risch

Emily is FairVote's communication's manager and leads FairVote's digital strategy as well as playing a supporting role to FairVote's media relations goals. Emily helps produce FairVote's videos, manages the website, rankit.vote app and social media platforms.

When Emily first started at FairVote, she produced FairVote's video for the Fair Representation Act, a video explaining our current electoral system for the U.S. House of Representatives, and reforming it with larger, multiple member districts (drawn by independent commissions) while using ranked choice voting. Additionally, she produced videos for FairVote's state projects, FairVote California and FairVote New Mexico during their local ranked choice voting (RCV) elections in Santa Fe and San Francisco in 2018. 

Emily is a certified yoga instructor, enjoys cooking, as well as spending time camping and hiking in the outdoors with her husband. 

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