Elliot Louthen

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Elliot Louthen

Elliot Louthen graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in 2015. As a political science major, his senior honors thesis researched the backlash effect – a phenomenon where citizens disproportionately impacted by voting restrictions end up voting at higher rates in response. He also organized Washington University’s first TEDx conference and was active as a Civic Scholar with the Gephardt Institute for Civic Engagement. 

Professionally, Elliot has a range of experiences in politics and pubic service. He has interned on Capitol Hill for Illinois Senator Mark Kirk, organized for Francis Slay during the 2012 St. Louis mayoral campaign, and worked in the government relations office of the major Missouri hospital system, BJC HealthCare. Elliot is originally from Chicago and an avid sports fan as he supports the Cubs and Blackhawks.

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Posts by Elliot Louthen

Missouri Primary Demonstrates Need for RCV

Posted on March 16, 2016

After a full day of voting and a long night of counting, the Missouri presidential primary for both parties is still too close to call. If ranked choice voting had been used in Missouri, we could guarantee the Republican and Democratic winner would have the support of a majority of voters. Instead, voters who cast votes for anyone besides Trump, Cruz, Clinton, and Sanders are left to question what might have happened had they cast their vote for someone else.

Simulating Instant Runoff Flips Most Donald Trump Primary Victories

Posted on March 04, 2016

If Super Tuesday contests had been conducted with ranked choice voting -- a proven system that empowers voters to rank candidates by preference in order to elect the candidate with the strongest support and the one most likely to garner the support of a majority -- the results would look very different. Our models suggest that Trump would have won Alabama and Massachusetts, competed in toss-up races in Tennessee and Vermont, and lost the remaining seven states.

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