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Elizabeth Warren Endorses Ranked Choice Voting

Elizabeth Warren Endorses Ranked Choice Voting

Massachusetts’ Yes on 2 ballot initiative campaign earned a big boost Friday morning when Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts endorsed ranked choice voting in a Boston Globe op-ed. Warren argues that “to defend our democracy, we need to fortify it” and that ranked choice voting helps fortify democracy by “strengthening the principle of majority rule while defending and protecting the rights of all individuals, including those in the minority.”

Warren is perhaps best-known for her 2020 campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination that featured her plan-making prowess as a major theme. It appears she applied that same “she-has-a-plan-for-that” rigor to her decision on ranked choice voting: she initially shared in a podcast interview with Ezra Klein in June 2019 that, after being unfamiliar with ranked choice voting, she started “reading more of the data, working through more of the examples, and there’s a lot to be said for it.”

On Friday, Warren made clear that she had evaluated all the evidence and concluded ranked choice voting was worthy of a resounding endorsement. Massachusetts voters will decide in this November’s election whether they will offer the same seal of approval.

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