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Ranked Choice Voting Discussed in Wyoming as Alternative to Runoff Elections

Author Jonah Harwood

Ranked choice voting narrowly failed in the Wyoming State Senate. SF0145 would have implemented runoff elections when no candidate received a majority of the vote in primaries for federal or statewide office.

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Utah Becomes First State to Enact RCV Legislation in 2021

Omar Danaf

This week, Utah Governor Spencer Cox signed into effect House Bill 0075—expanding Utah’s ranked choice voting pilot project in municipal elections across the state.

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Vineyard, UT Mayor: Ranked Choice Voting is Beneficial, Cost-Effective, and Simple

Adam Ginsburg

In 2019, Vineyard, Utah became one of two cities in the state to pioneer the adoption of ranked choice voting. Now, two years later, Vineyard mayor Julie Fullmer hopes her city’s success with implementing RCV prompts other municipalities in the state to follow.

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