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NPR’s A1 Discusses the Future and Feasibility of Ranked Choice Voting in America

Author Peter Consagra

“Ranked choice voting is really a way to ensure that the voter’s voices are heard because voters can vote their principles or their heart rather than political strategy"

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Washington Post Article Summarizes FairVote’s Findings in New Monopoly Politics Report

Author Benjamin Oestericher

On Thursday, FairVote released its biennial Monopoly Politics report, which tracks the political landscape by predicting the results of congressional elections solely based on prior voting patterns.

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New Hampshire Democrats use ranked choice voting to choose new leader

Matthew Oberstaedt

Last week, New Hampshire’s House Democratic caucus used ranked choice voting (RCV) to choose Representative Renny Cushing as their new leader. The race featured four candidates and required three rounds of counting before a majority winner emerged.

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