RCV Ballot Measures

Last updated on November 18, 2020.

State of Alaska: RCV Wins!

Alaska voters voted 50.6%-49.4% in favor of Ballot Measure 2. See FairVote's news release and the Alaskans for Better Elections website.

Boulder, Colorado: RCV Wins!

Boulder voters voted 78.1%-21.9% in favor of Ballot Measure 2E, establishing direct election of their mayor directly with ranked choice voting. For more information, visit the Our Mayor, Our Choice campaign.

Minnetonka, Minnesota: RCV Wins!

Minnetonka voters have voted 54.7%-45.3% in favor of the City Question, which folds the city's nonpartisan primary elections into a single general election held with ranked choice voting for mayor and city council. For more information, visit Ranked Choice Voting for Minnetonka.

Bloomington, Minnesota: RCV Wins!

Bloomington voters have voted 51.2%-48.8% in favor of City Question 3, bringing the total number of Minnesota cities using ranked choice voting up to five. For more information, visit Ranked Choice Voting Bloomington.

Albany, California: RCV Wins!

Albany voters have approved Measure BB 73.3% to 26.7% for proportional ranked choice voting for citywide elections to the city council and school board. For more information, visit the Voter Choice Albany campaign website.

Eureka, California: RCV Wins!

Eureka voters approved Measure C 61.5% to 38.5% to enact ranked choice voting for elections to mayor and city council. For more information, visit the Ranked Choice Voting in Eureka campaign website.

State of Massachusetts: RCV Loses

Massachusetts voters voted against an effort to establish ranked choice voting for nearly all federal and state elections by 55.0%-45.0%. The Yes on 2 campaign issued this statement

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