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Election expert: Santa Fe can manage ranked choice voting

Election expert: Santa Fe can manage ranked choice voting

Caleb Kleppner, co-owner of MK Election Services, has an op-ed in the Santa Fe New Mexican on the delay over the city’s adoption of ranked choice voting, which voters approved - with 65 percent voting in favor - nearly ten years ago. In it he writes, Santa Fe “will have the easiest path to run a successful first use of ranked-choice voting in history.”  


Kleppner, an election systems professional, has been part of implementing ranked choice voting (RCV) in five cities, including Portland, Maine, which has approximately the same number of registered voters as does Santa Fe. He filed an affidavit in the case currently in front of District Judge David Thompson, and disputes the claims of Santa Fe officials have made on why the city’s voters cannot use RCV for the municipal election next March.


The fact is, Santa Fe has a “turnkey” solution to finally fulfill the will of its voters and use RCV in its next election. Kleppner also notes there is plenty of time for the city to educate voters with the help of organizations like FairVote New Mexico and the Ranked Choice Voting Resource Center.


With five candidates running for mayor, ranked choice voting can give voters a greater voice as they cast their ballots and ensure that the winning candidate will earn the office with a majority of support from the electorate. To read the full op-ed, click here.

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