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Easthampton, MA is ready for ranked choice voting

Easthampton, MA is ready for ranked choice voting

Ranked choice voting (RCV) is currently riding a wave of popularity in Massachusetts, as the city of Easthampton joined Cambridge and Amherst as the latest Bay State municipality to adopt the method.

In fact, the overall success of RCV in Easthampton can be broken into two separate wins. That’s because voters had the opportunity to vote on separate ballot measures establishing RCV for mayoral and city council elections, respectively—and both passed by a significant margin. Easthampton, which joins 19 other jurisdictions nationwide in conducting RCV elections, will put the method to the test in its 2021 municipal elections.

The efforts to expand RCV to Easthampton would not have been possible without the strident efforts of Voter Choice Massachusetts, which has led the charge to bring RCV to the state. In fact, the organization is currently raising awareness, collecting signatures, and leading canvasses in hopes of putting RCV to a statewide referendum in 2020—which would make Massachusetts the second state, after Maine, to adopt statewide RCV.

The RCV win in Easthampton means voters in the city will have more options and a stronger voice in their municipal elections. Stay tuned for updates from us on Voter Choice Massachusetts’ latest efforts to bring RCV statewide.


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