Diane Silver

Program Coordinator

Diane Silver

Diane Silver is a program coordinator, working to expand support for national ranked-choice-voting legislation as well as capacity-building for state and local RCV efforts.  

Before joining FairVote in November, 2019, Diane worked as an environmental educator.  For 10 years she coordinated a local watershed project, doing education and outreach to build partnerships with landowners to implement best management practices for water quality protection and stream restoration.  She brings those education and outreach skills to the RCV effort. She has also served as a program director at several residential EE centers, supervising field instructors, writing curriculum, and managing program logistics. She did wildlife education at the Cincinnati Zoo, had a short stint as a classroom teacher in math and science, and in a previous life, worked on Capitol Hill as a legislative aide to her home-state Senator.

Diane holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Psychology from Claremont McKenna College and a Master of Science degree in Natural Resources from the University of Michigan. In her non-work life she plays the fiddle, leads contra dancing (a form of American folk dance), and enjoys hiking and kayaking.  

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Meet the team: Diane Silver

Posted on December 02, 2019

My name is Diane Silver, and I’m super psyched to be part of the FairVote team as an outreach organizer. 

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