Democratic Primary 2020 Poll

FairVote commissioned YouGov to conduct this national poll of 1,002 likely Democratic presidential primary voters that took place from September 2 through 6. The goal of our poll was to elevate approaches to polling crowded fields that provide greater insight than the usual focus on “single choice” results. We partnered with Vox, which showcases a ranked choice voting simulation on its website, and we were assisted by a team of data analysts whose findings are featured below.

This presentation of findings includes: (1) the toplines report from YouGov; (2) crosstab analysis from University of Iowa's Kellen Gracey and Joseph Coll; (3) a PDF report of FairVote's featured insights (we showcase a few charts below, beneath the interactive tool); (4) a series of interactive web pages (see links below) that allow users to simulate ranked choice voting and head-to-head comparisons; and (5) a FairVote press release about the poll. 

How would the Democratic Primary look with different sets of candidates in the race? Explore results by clicking on any candidate to add or remove them from the running. To find the ranked choice winner, remove the last place candidates until a candidate reaches a 50% majority, or click the button below:

Show me the ranked choice results

Click on a topic to begin.

In addition to seeing who voters may support if their top choice drops out (or is eliminated during an RCV count), a ranked poll provides opportunities to learn more about the breadth of support each candidate has. For instance, the below chart shows how many voters ranked each of the top five candidates first, second, third, fourth and fifth. of Democratic Candidate Rankings666655no0border:none;allowfullscreen


We can see how many voters were willing to express some level of support for each candidate by simply accumulating the rankings. That is, if a candidate is ranked first, second or third by a majority of respondents, that demonstrates that the candidate has high overall approval in the field. The below graph has the cumulative rankings for all 20 candidates across all ten allowed rankings. of Dem Candidate Rankings666694no0border:none;allowfullscreen

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