Democracy Slam 2015



On April 22, 2015, FairVote teamed up with American University’s Washington College of Law (WCL) and the American Constitution
Society for an action packed, one-day conference called “National Democracy Slam 2015.” Throughout the day, reformers, journalists, elected officials, and scholars explored 17 bold ideas for breaking partisan gridlock, ending gerrymandering, and improving America's elections and politics.

Participants included:

Reforms were presented, rebutted, and debated with live polling of the audience (including those watching online) following each exchange. You can view National Democracy Slam 2015 in its entirety, visit the Washington College of Law's webcast page, and read associated papers for every proposal at

Read more about FairVote’s Democracy Slam 2015:

Wrap-up Analysis, by Austin Plier

Event Agenda (pdf)

Full List of Conference Papers:

  1. Reforming the Top Two System with RCV

  2. Campaign FInance Response to Citizens United

  3. Open Debates

  4. The Voting Rights Act and Women’s Representation

  5. A Legal Standard to Address Gerrymandering Claims

  6. Mandatory Voting

  7. National Popular Vote for President

  8. Right to Vote Amendment

  9. Public Financing

  10. Independent Redistricting

  11. Proportional Representation

  12. Top Two

  13. Ranked Choice Voting

  14. Legislative Rules for Collaborative Policymaking

  15. Gender Parity

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