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House passes the Voting Rights Advancement Act

David O'brien

The House of Representatives passed HR4. The bill would restore the preclearance provisions of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, empowering the Department of Justice to stop voter suppression laws before they go into effect.

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FairVote honors Champions of Democracy at national celebration

Adam Ginsburg

An enthusiastic crowd of good government activists and conscientious citizens gathered in the Rayburn House Office Building this past Monday, November 18, to honor FairVote’s 2019 “Champions of Democracy.”

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California should ease restrictions on independent presidential candidates

Julie Hochsztein

For elections to be fair and legitimate, voters must have meaningful choices. The United States Supreme Court has held that states cannot excessively restrict choices on the general election ballot, for example by imposing harsh signature gathering requirements. However, the Court has not yet clarified what limits exist and a new case from California may test the limit and provide further clarity.

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