Deb Otis

Director of Research

Deb Otis

Deb Otis is the Director of Research at FairVote. With a decade of experience in research and analytics, Deb is passionate about sharing the data-driven case for why our country needs election reform. In addition to ranked choice voting and proportional representation, Deb's areas of research include comparative electoral systems, political polarization, redistricting, representation for women and people of color, the electoral college, and election recounts. Deb is a graduate of Boston University with degrees in Economics and Physics and she lives in Washington, DC.

Posts by Deb Otis

Ranked Choice Voting used to select Republican nominee in VA-10

Posted on May 24, 2022

On Saturday, May 21, Republican voters in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District selected their party’s nominee, Hung Cao, using ranked choice voting (RCV). The 10th is the second district in Virginia to use RCV for its primary this month, after their neighbors in the 11th district used RCV on May 7.

Case study: Racial turnout gap in San Bernardino primary elections

Posted on April 25, 2022

San Bernardino experiences similar racial disparities in voter turnout as several of its neighbors in California. This research demonstrates how the practice of contingent runoff elections exacerbates those trends and how ranked choice voting (RCV) can help close the gap and empower more voters. 

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