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David Grosso, RCV Supporter, Re-Elected to DC Council

David Grosso, RCV Supporter, Re-Elected to DC Council

D.C. Council Member David Grosso, Independent, was re-elected to his At-Large D.C. Council seat today. Council Member Grosso is a big supporter of ranked choice voting in D.C., having introduced the “Instant Runoff Voting Amendment Act” in 2014 and 2015.

The Washington Post has argued in favor of ranked choice voting for D.C., highlighting the District’s history of plurality winners taking office in fractured fields of candidates and noting ranked choice voting’s particular benefits of reducing the spoiler effect and ensuring majority winners.

Grosso, along with Independent Council Member Elissa Silverman, benefits from the D.C. Council’s minority party representation rule: two at-large seats must be set aside for non-majority party representatives. Minority party representation rules help ensure a diversity of voices are represented when there otherwise would only be one party winning seats, and are used throughout Pennsylvania and Connecticut. This greater diversity allows for better lawmaking, more inclusive elections, and a more responsive government.

Ranked choice voting together with minority party representation in D.C. would make the D.C. Council more effective and inclusive than ever before. We hope Council Member Grosso and the D.C. Council can pass ranked choice voting for D.C. this term, and give voters in D.C. more voice and greater choice in their elections.

Image Source: Kevin Klay

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