Create Your Own RCV Poll

FairVote has a free polling tool called that allows anyone to create their very own ranked choice voting (RCV) poll online. The create-a-poll feature allows users to learn about a better voting system for decisions big and small, from choosing a restaurant, to what movie you'll watch with friends or polling your community on their preferences in a presidential primary race.

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How to Create a Poll

  1. Sign-up/Sign-in to You can log in via Facebook, Google or Twitter or create a new login with an email account.
  2. Click the "Create a poll". The "create a poll" feature allows users to give their own poll a unique title and answers.
  3. Adding more than three poll answers. To add more answers to your poll, continue to click the gray "Add another" button. When you're finished, click "Create my poll".
  4. Voting. When you take your RCV poll, you are able to rank as many or as few answers as you'd like. 
  5. Display Results. To view polling results, click "view results" for the final vote and then "show details" to play the results and view how the answers did in each round.   

Create Your Own RCV Poll


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