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JUNE 18, 2018

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Court’s Punt on Partisan Gerrymandering Underscores Need for Action

FairVote Backs Both Immediate and Long-Term Fixes

TAKOMA PARK, Md. -- The Supreme Court today essentially punted on two significant challenges to partisan gerrymandering today from Maryland and Wisconsin. Neither challenge was outright rejected, but were deemed not ready for the Court’s consideration. Other important challenges to partisan gerrymandering are in the pipeline for the Court in its next term.  

FairVote’s president and CEO Rob Richie issued the following statement:

“We fervently hope the Court ultimately acts to curb partisan gerrymandering because of how it corrupts elections. But our politicians should not wait. There are promising models for reform from states like California, Ohio and Iowa and prospective new laws coming in states like Colorado, Michigan and Utah. Congress should also establish national standards for congressional redistricting to provide consistent voter protections across the country.

“To truly end gerrymandering, we ultimately must rethink districting itself. Our system of winner-takes-all, single-member districts locks in uncompetitive seats, insulates politicians from the ballot box, and poorly represents the spectrum of opinion including the increasingly isolated middle. States can act, and, Congress should pass the Fair Representation Act (H.R. 3057), which would finally end safe red-and-blue districting, and put the power where it belongs -- into the hands of voters. Recently backed by columnist David Brooks as the ‘one reform to save America,’ the Fair Representation Act provides a comprehensive reform through a combination of ranked choice voting, multi-winner districts and independent redistricting commissions.”

FairVote has leading authorities on this subject, including Rob Richie and:

  • Senior fellow, author and redistricting expert David Daley
  • Law and policy director Drew Penrose
  • Board chair Krist Novoselic

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