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Clark County puts ranked-choice voting on 2022 ballot

Clark County puts ranked-choice voting on 2022 ballot

Yesterday, the Clark County Charter Review Commission voted 11-4  to put ranked-choice voting (RCV) on the 2022 ballot. This makes Clark County the second county in Washington to put RCV on the ballot this year, joining San Juan County. Voters in both counties will have a chance to adopt this better voting method.

RCV is a simple upgrade to the way we vote. With RCV, you can rank candidates on your ballot in the order you prefer: 1st choice, 2nd choice, 3rd choice, and so on. If your favorite can’t win, your vote counts for your next choice.

A survey by the Clark County Charter Review Commission found that most respondents wanted to see a question about ranked-choice voting on their ballot, and many Clark County residents shared their support for RCV through written comments and public testimony.

Clark County Charter Review Commissioner Terri Niles said, “Adding ranked-choice voting to the 2022 ballot in Clark County is a wise choice and I’m very thankful to my fellow Charter Review Commissioners who voted with me to take this important step. After all, voters should be able to decide which voting method works best for them! I’m looking forward to talking with my fellow Clark County residents about how RCV can improve our elections."

Lisa Ayrault, Executive Director of FairVote Washington said, “We are so glad the Charter Review Commission took this step to allow voters to decide how they want to elect their officials. FairVote Washington looks forward to working with community organizations to educate voters about how ranked-choice voting can improve Clark County elections.”

RCV is a simple-to-use, nonpartisan reform that gives voters more voice, more choice, and more say in elections. It is used by nearly 50 jurisdictions across the country and it creates more issue-based campaigns that better serve the voters.


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