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Boulder voters have opportunity to adopt ranked choice voting

Boulder voters have opportunity to adopt ranked choice voting

Voters in Boulder, Colorado will soon get to decide if they want to elect their mayor directly using ranked choice voting (RCV). Currently, Boulder’s mayor is chosen by the City Council from among its own members. 

The council worked with Our Mayor, Our Choice, a coalition of Boulderites passionate about reform, to craft language for a ballot measure that would implement direct RCV elections for mayor. On Tuesday, the council approved its final vote to put the measure on the ballot.

Our Mayor, Our Choice previously submitted signatures from 5,800 citizens who support the change. The campaign’s website explains that RCV strengthens democracy because “candidates whom focus on reaching out to more groups and have broadest appeal do better. Candidates who run polarizing, negative campaigns or are supported by a vocal minority have less likelihood of succeeding.”

Boulder joins four other cities and two states with RCV measures on the ballot this Fall. FairVote is excited to see so many diverse jurisdictions, from New England to the Last Frontier, get involved in the movement for better elections.

Photo by Sheelah Brennan

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