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Bob Beatty Calls on State GOP to adopt RCV

Bob Beatty Calls on State GOP to adopt RCV

Kansas Republicans, faced with a crowded primary field in a crucial Senate race, are confronting a dilemma: making sure the eventual winner of the primary is actually representative of the party’s voters.

Prominent Kansas political scientist Bob Beatty has a solution: ranked choice voting (RCV).

In a powerfully-worded Leavenworth Times op-ed, Beatty calls on the state GOP to adopt RCV to ensure that a majority of the party’s voters are satisfied with the victor of the seven-way primary.

“They seem to be in a conundrum, but the solution is sitting right in front of them... [RCV] would likely produce a candidate acceptable to the majority of Republicans, something the current system cannot guarantee.”

Beatty’s call to action echoes that of Stan Lockhart, former head of the Utah Republican Party, who also recently penned a Wichita Eagle op-ed calling on the Kansas GOP to adopt RCV for its Senate primary.

That’s because both men recognize the positive potential of RCV. It’s common-sense, simple, intuitive, and leads to consensus party nominees.

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