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Bloomington Council puts ranked choice voting on the November ballot

Bloomington Council puts ranked choice voting on the November ballot

The Bloomington City Council voted 6 to 1 on Monday to put a ranked choice voting (RCV) referendum on the November ballot. 

Thanks to the hard work of local advocates at Ranked Choice Voting Bloomington and FairVote Minnesota, the city could soon elect its Mayor and City Council with a voting system that is fairer to both candidates and voters. The measure would replace the city’s low-turnout, costly primaries with one high-turnout general election that incorporates the views of all Bloomington voters.


City Councilmember Jenna Carter, who supports the measure, highlighted the other Minnesota cities that already use RCV:

“[RCV means] we have better outcomes for our community, like Minneapolis, St. Paul, and now St. Louis Park. They’re showing that voters like it, that voters find it easy to understand, and it’s worked well. I want Bloomington to be a leader in civic engagement.” - Councilmember Jenna Carter

We’re thrilled to see such strong momentum behind RCV at the local level. Bloomington joins Albany and Eureka in holding referendums on it this year, along with at least two statewide referendums in Alaska and Massachusetts. 

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