Baktybek Kainazaro

Baktybek “Bakyt” Kainazarov is a community solutions fellow with RepresentWomen. He grew up in Kyrgyzstan and lived 8 years in Europe, where he completed a double Master’s degree in European studies, a postgraduate degree in peace studies and a PhD in social sciences. His PhD thesis focused on civil society development and the role of NGOs in civic engagement process in the post-Soviet Central Asia region.  

Kainazarov has more than 10 years of international professional experience in development aid projects of UN agencies (United Nations Development Program, United Nations Population Fund, United Nations Volunteer program) and NGOs (National Democratic Institute, International Organization for Migration, Counterpart International), where he strengthened expertise in gender equality and civic engagement. His latest assignment to National Democratic Institute Kyrgyzstan aimed at increasing the women’s political participation and gender responsive policy mainstreaming. He worked with international organizations, civil society organizations and women parliamentarians to promote the increase of women’s participation in the decision-making process at all levels of authorities.

Kainazarov is equally committed to community organizing activities. For last two years, before joining RepresentWomen, he coordinated a Citizens in Action project that focused on empowering community members and ordinary citizens in the civic participation process. When local inhabitants actively participate in political and civic life and when they know how to influence to decision making process, it works for accountability and democratization process. That was the aim of the project in rural areas of Kyrgyzstan, where his community organizers worked with community members, local council administration, and local activists in nurturing community leaders and promoting government accountability and inclusive policies. Kainazarov is excited to join RepresentWomen, where he plans to learn more about effective tools for gender parity for institutional reforms and political participation process in the U.S.


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