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Australia, Northern Ireland and the U.S...Ranked choice races around the world

Australia, Northern Ireland and the U.S...Ranked choice races around the world

Ranked choice voting stars in a global series of elections, from the historic all-women slate elected to Ireland's European Parliament representation, a surprise victory for Australia's conservative party and even perhaps upcoming elections for the U.S.' Major League Baseball' All-Stars. All this and more in the latest media round-up.

Press hits

How the rural urban divide became America’s political fault line New York Times
Highlights the imbalance in voter influence as a function of single-member districts and makes the case for proportional representation 

4 things to know about Australia’s contentious elections Vox
Highlights Australia’s use of ranked choice voting for its House of Representatives to foster coalition building between parties

What are the European Elections and how do they work The Guardian
Highlights Northern Ireland’s use of multi-winner RCV, aka single transferable vote, to elect its three MEPs

Can sports show the way to smarter voting? Deadspin
Explains how different voting systems, including instant runoff aka RCV, would have changed outcomes in famous MLB all-star voting amid upcoming changes to MLB all-star starters determination

Voter Determined Districts American Progress
Deep dive into the idea of voter-determined districts as a solution to gerrymandering and reflective representation, as well as the solution of multi-member districts and ranked choice voting (aka the Fair Representation Act)


Why Biden’s big lead recalls Trump 2016- and why that’s a problem for democracy Salon
FairVote’s Rob Richie and Dave Daley compare and contrast plurality wins in the Republican 2016 nomination process with early polling for the 2020 Democratic field

Ranked choice voting would increase participation, decrease runoffs  The Tennessean
Ranked Choice Tennesee’s Carlos Ochoa writes on the benefits of ranked choice voting for Nashville, where the council decision fell 4 votes shy of approval for a ballot referendum

Legislature should support ranked-choice voting bill The Star Tribune
Business leaders urge the Minnesota state legislature to support local options ranked choice voting bill to decrease polarization and promote cost-effective elections

Why we need ranked choice voting The Salt Lake Tribune
Stand Up Republic Utah chapter column on ranked choice voting as a means to heal the partisan divide



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