Ashley Houghton

Director of Communications

Ashley Houghton

Ashley Houghton leads FairVote's Communications Department in its pursuit of inspiring Americans to embrace election reforms that make our nation stronger. As a messaging and media strategist for a decade and a half, Ashley’s background is in leading coalitions, driving crisis communications, and launching large campaigns. She previously led Amnesty International USA's domestic refugee and asylum campaign as Tactical Campaigns Manager, where she launched large-scale, organization-wide campaigns. She also spent seven years at ReThink Media, a nonprofit media and messaging organization, where she held several positions, most recently the Managing Director of the Security and Rights Collaborative. In that role, she led in developing, implementing, and supporting effective media and communications outreach and capacity-building strategies across the Security and Rights sector. Altogether, Ashley has had a hand in crisis response during every major national security crisis over the last decade.

Ashley began her career at a boutique Washington public relations firm. She has also worked as a fundraising consultant, a GOTV organizer, a communications associate for a peace and security advocacy organization. She lives with her spouse and two sons in Silver Spring, MD.

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