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Ann Arbor, MI will have ranked choice voting on November ballot

Ann Arbor, MI will have ranked choice voting on November ballot

This November, Ann Arbor voters will decide whether to switch to a ranked choice voting (RCV) system for the city’s mayoral and council elections. The Ann Arbor City Council voted 10-1 this week to put the RCV question on the Nov. 2 ballot.

Ann Arbor previously used RCV for a period of time in the 1970s, during which the city elected its first Black mayor, Albert Wheeler. Now, voters have the opportunity to revert to the system that has already proved to be beneficial in Ann Arbor for diversifying candidate pools and preventing vote splitting

According to council member Julie Grand, a sponsor of the RCV proposal, the goals behind switching back to an RCV system includes expanding voter participation, increasing candidate diversity, and reducing negative campaigning. 

“We hear a lot from residents about wanting commonsense voting reforms, things that will help residents stay more engaged, that will help us diversify our candidates, that will make elections less contentious,” Grand said. “And I believe that ranked-choice voting does all of that.”

Ann Arbor has a chance this November to leave the plurality voting system behind and move towards a more fair and representative democracy. To learn more and support RCV efforts across Michigan, check out Rank MI Vote.

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