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Andrew Yang Promotes the Fair Representation Act

Andrew Yang Promotes the Fair Representation Act

Founder of the Forward Party and FairVote Action board member, Andrew Yang, will be meeting with FairVote President and CEO, Rob Richie, on January 10, 2022 for our webinar, “The Future of American Elections.” RSVP today!

They will be discussing important up-and-coming electoral reforms and legislation like ranked choice voting and the Fair Representation Act. The Fair Representation Act would establish multi-member districts where representatives are elected using ranked choice voting. This reform would defeat partisan gerrymandering because electing multiple members per district in proportion to voting block size ensures ‘packing’ and ‘cracking’ voters no longer works. It would also allow multiple viewpoints to be represented in each district; improve representation for women and people of color; elect consensus winners with broad support; and encourage candidates to appeal to a larger base of voters. The Fair Representation Act was proposed by U.S. Representatives Don Beyer (D-VA), Jamie Raskin (D-MD), Ro Khanna (D-CA), Joe Neguse (D-CO), Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), Jim McGovern (D-MA), Jim Cooper (D-TN), and Scott Peters (D-CA). 

In an interview with the Washington Post, Yang discussed his support of the Fair Representation Act: 

“This is an act that would try to transition our system from single-member districts to multi-member districts, which would be a phenomenal advance. It would make America’s democracy look more like some of the other mature democracies around the world, where you have different points of view being represented, even if they didn’t get 51 percent of the vote.” 

The Fair Representation Act would transition the country from our current plurality voting system to a ranked choice voting model. Yang is a big proponent of ranked choice voting and he describes why it would improve our ability to share our voices and be represented in the following tweet

To learn more about how the Fair Representation Act and ranked choice voting would strengthen our democracy, join Andrew Yang and Rob Richie on Monday, January 10 at 5pm for our webinar.


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