Posted by Will Mantell on January 20, 2022 at 10:27 AM


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Alaska Upholds Ranked Choice Voting

January 20, 2022 -- Rob Richie, President and CEO of FairVote, shared the following statement in response to an order from the Alaska Supreme Court upholding the state’s new ranked choice voting system: 

“The Alaska Supreme Court has respected the will of the people and upheld the law. This is a win for the people of Alaska, who made their voices heard when they voted for better elections with Ballot Measure 2. We are pleased by the Court’s decision and look forward to the full opinion. 

“The Supreme Court’s order is also a win for ranked choice voting as it grows across the nation. Ranked choice voting follows the principle of ‘one person one vote,’ and courts have consistently upheld ranked choice voting against all federal constitutional challenges. The Alaska Supreme Court’s order shows that ranked choice voting is also consistent with state constitutional law and the principle that the candidate with the greatest number of votes always wins. This decision charts a clear path for other state courts to follow.

“Ranked choice voting is fundamentally constitutional and fundamentally American, giving voters an even greater opportunity to expand their choices and make their voices heard in elections.”

Ranked choice voting is the fastest-growing bipartisan voting reform in the country, now reaching 55 jurisdictions with 10 million voters across the nation.


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