About FairVote 

Our Mission: FairVote is a nonpartisan organization seeking better elections for all. We research and advance voting reforms that make democracy more functional and representative for every American.

What We Do: FairVote has a proven record since 1992 as a nonpartisan trailblazer that advances and wins electoral reforms at the local, state, and national level through strategic research, communications, and collaboration. Today, we are the nation's driving force behind advancing ranked choice voting and fair representation in multi-winner legislative districts that will open up our elections to better choices, fairer representation, and more civil campaigns. See recent year-end reports that detail our impact.

30 Years of Impact: In 2022, FairVote is celebrating 30 years of innovation and impact and we're looking forward to a coming decade of promise. Important and exciting work lies ahead to win ranked choice voting everywhere, pass the Fair Representation Act, and transform our nation's elections together. We hope you'll join and support us.

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