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A Growing National Conversation During the 2020 Primaries: It’s Time for RCV

A Growing National Conversation During the 2020 Primaries: It’s Time for RCV

We wanted to share a bit of good news in this tough social and political climate. Despite an election that feels more fraught than ever, with many states wondering whether to push back primaries and many concerned for the future of our democracy, we’re witnessing a consensus that the future must be different. It’s time for our elections to reflect the desires of the voters - no more strategic voting or deciding to put our faith behind a candidate because we’re worried about splitting the vote. Outlets across the country agree that now is the time to bring RCV into the mainstage.

See below for some highlights across the country, adding to past expressions of editorial support from major publications like the Washington Post, Economist, and Boston Globe. If you’re particularly compelled by any of them, we encourage you to share on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #RankedChoiceVoting and tag us at @FairVote. 

New York Times: The Primaries Are Just Dumb
“There is a straightforward and elegant solution: ranked-choice voting, also known as instant-runoff voting. Already in use all over the world and in cities and towns across the United States, it’s a popular and proven way of electing leaders who are — what a radical notion! — actually supported by most voters.”

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Ranked-choice voting could make primaries less like free-for-alls
“The whiplash that Democratic primary voters experienced this campaign season is unhelpful for both the party and democracy...It’s an almost-inevitable side effect of any election with multiple candidates — but one that could be smoothed out with one change: ranked-choice voting, which would let voters choose not only their first choice but also their second, third and beyond.”

San Antonio News-Express: Presidential primary process is flawed
“...Texas and other states should adopt ranked-choice voting to avoid the problem of voters casting ballots at the start of early voting only to have the candidate of their choice drop out of the race by Election Day.”

The Buffalo News: Super Tuesday flaw shows early voting needs an update
“One potential solution to this problem is to allow all early voters, including those casting absentee ballots, to choose more than one candidate – the one they prefer and one or two fall-backs that would be used only if a candidate withdraws before the formal election. It’s called ranked-choice voting, and it’s not new.”

The Daily Gazette (Schenectady, NY): Election exposes flaws in early voting
“Another solution, at least to the dropout problem, is ranked-choice voting. That allows voters to list their favorite candidates by order of preference. So if your guy drops out, the vote for your next favorite candidate on your list is counted instead. That way, at least your vote is not wasted on a candidate who is no longer in the race.

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