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"Strengthening Democracy in Canada" - The Special Committee's Report Released

In August, 2016, we highlighted our testimony to Canada's Special Committee on Electoral Reform. Yesterday, that committee released its report. It is a detailed and thorough look at Canadian elections and how they could be improved, spanning over 300 pages.

The report can be read online here.

Its recommendations are listed on pages 165-167. Briefly summarized, the committee recommends that the government develop a system of proportional representation tailored to Canada's needs, and then hold a referendum in which voters must choose between the new proportional method and the current single-winner district plurality method. It also recommends that Canada find ways to make access to voting easier, though it does not recommend either mandatory voting or Internet voting. It further recommends a reform that FairVote championed in the United States: pre-registration for 16-year-olds, as well as a reform recommended by Representation2020: financial incentives for gender parity.

In our article in August, we noted that FairVote ally Arend Lijphart had also submitted testimony. The committee's report cites favorably to his testimony a number of times, and we congratulate him on this contribution to improved democracy for Canada's voters.

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