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'Ranked choice voting would have significantly smoothed the decision-making'

'Ranked choice voting would have significantly smoothed the decision-making'

This week's media hits include a New York Times column endorsing ranked choice voting to clarify a complex and controversial Chicago mayoral race, plus New York City’s public advocate election and progress for H.R. 1

Press hits

Chicago election: 8 big takeaways NBC Chicago 
Chicago mayoral race has increased support for ranked choice voting to protect majority rule and avoid split votes/”spoilers” in a crowded field

Chicago will elect its first black female mayor; Lightfoot and Preckwinkle advance to runoff USA Today
Two African-American women candidates who earned a collective 33 percent of the vote in Chicago mayoral race advance to the runoff

NYC special election: Jumaane Williams is your new public advocate The New York Times
Jumaane Williams wins 17-way public advocate special election with 33 percent of vote, but low turnout and a term that only lasts until the end of the year

House Democrats forge ahead on electoral reform bill Politico
House Democrats advance a sweeping voting rights, campaign finance and ethics reform package.


In Chicago, history-making didn’t have to be so hard New York Times
Columnist backs ranked choice voting to “smooth” a controversial and complicated Chicago mayoral race

Let New Yorkers rank their candidates: it’s long past time to overhaul the way elections work New York Daily News
Common Cause New York’s Susan Lerner calls for ranked choice voting to avoid split votes and plurality wins like that of the public advocate special election



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