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'Let’s have ranked choice voting for president'

'Let’s have ranked choice voting for president'

This week's media hits include Lee Drutman’s “Vox” piece on ranked choice voting for presidential elections, plus news for ranked choice voting in San Francisco and New Jersey.

Press hits

Lawmaker introduces bill to establish ranked-choice voting in New Jersey Politico
The push for ranked choice voting has reached New Jersey, where a state legislator has introduced legislation to use RCV for state and federal office, including the presidency

New voting system in SF for November election allows 10 ranked choices San Francisco Chronicle
New voting equipment coming to San Francisco will expand number of rankings in ranked choice voting elections

What getting rid of the Electoral College would actually do CNN Politics 
U of Texas law school professor Sanford Levinson names ranked choice voting as the best alternative for presidential elections in interview with Chris Cillizza


If we’re abolishing the Electoral College, let’s also have ranked-choice voting for President Vox
Lee Drutman makes the case for ranked choice voting in a popular vote presidential election

One weird, small-town political drama shows why America needs voting reform Salon
FairVote senior fellow Dave Daley highlights unrepresentative outcome in Fall River mayor race as a case for ranked choice voting

Our politics fails us, so here’s what to do The Economist
Unite America’s Charles Wheelan calls for a top four ranked choice voting system

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