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“Partisans’ chief interest is in proving that the other party is despicable — in ramping up fear, hatred and the negative polarization that is the central feature of contemporary American politics…

The good news is that we don’t have to live with this system. There’s nothing in the Constitution that says there have to be only two parties. There’s nothing in the Constitution about parties at all. There’s not even anything in the Constitution mandating that each congressional district have only one member and be represented by one party. We could have a much fairer and better system with the passage of a law.

The way to do that is through multimember districts and ranked-choice voting.”

— David Brooks in “One Reform to Save America”
New York Times, May 2018

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Ranked Choice Voting

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Get Involved

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The Problem

The Problem

When voters feel like they have to choose between the lesser-of-two-evils, that's not real choice.

Our Solution

Our Solution

Ranked choice voting gives every voter a meaningful vote.

Where it's used

Ranked choice voting is used in cities across the country 

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Quick Takes

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Proportional Representation Shake-Up in South Australia

Christopher Rhode

Ranked choice voting allowed SA Best, and other third parties, to fairly challenge the established parties for seats on the South Australia Legislative Council.

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Positive Steps Forward in Tennessee

Morgan Chance

The people of Tennessee want ranked choice voting adopted for their elections. Ranked choice voting is a simple, yet powerful change that can be made to give voters a stronger voice in elections.

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Carnegie analysis: Fractured US democracy can be restored with electoral reforms like ranked choice voting

Myeisha Boyd

Recent Carnegie Endowment report outline several electoral changes including proportional representation and ranked choice voting that would go a long way in healing the nation’s broken politics.

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