Spring Webinar Series


Beginning March 2 and running through May 25, join FairVote staff and guests for our democracy reform webinar series, “The Future of American Elections,where we'll present on ranked choice voting, talk to college students about using it on campus, discuss gerrymandering and proportional ranked choice voting as well as policy proposals like the Fair Representation Act and more! 

Tuesday, March 2 at 4pm ET - What is Ranked Choice Voting?
Ranked choice voting is gaining momentum across the country. Are you just learning about this voting method and want to learn more? Join our Outreach Director Scott Siebel and Senior Research Analyst Deb Otis for a deep dive into:

  1. What is RCV?
  2. What are its benefits?
  3. Where is it used, and has it been successful?

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Tuesday, March 16 at 12pm ET - Ranked Choice Voting at Universities
Over 90 student body governments from universities across the country use ranked choice voting! These elections offer both proof-of-concept for the efficacy of ranked choice voting elections and pave the way for young people to be advocates for electoral reform in their cities, states, and country in the decades to come. In this discussion, panelists from colleges around the country that have implemented ranked choice voting will discuss why they made the switch to RCV and how RCV is shaping student elections.


Future topics/webinars coming soon: 

  1. Gerrymandering: What to Expect in 2021 and How to Avoid it in 2031
  2. The Electoral Reform Imperative to Address Our Polarization Crisis
  3. The Basics of RCV Administration
  4. Ranked Choice Voting Movement Building
  5. What is the Fair Representation Act? 


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