2021 Election Day Roundup

Thirty-two cities held RCV elections on November 2, 2021, including 22 cities using RCV for the first time.

Voters adopted RCV in three cities via ballot measure. The margin of support was almost 2:1 in Westbrook, ME and Ann Arbor, MI, and RCV earned majority support in Broomfield, CO.

In Utah, 20 cities held RCV elections as part of a statewide pilot program, including 19 for the first time. These cities included Salt Lake City, Sandy, and Lehi -- three of the 11 largest cities in the state. Find Utah results on the county websites: Cache, Salt Lake, Utah, Moab

In Minnesota, 5 cities held RCV elections: Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnetonka, Bloomington, St. Louis Park. Find published results here.

In Massachusetts, 2 cities held RCV elections: Easthampton and Cambridge.

New Mexico saw 2 cities use RCV: Las Cruces and Santa Fe.

Portland, Maine also used RCV in a city council election.

The following cities used proportional ranked choice voting



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