The First Million


American democracy is in crisis. We need your help to fix it. For two decades, FairVote has led the nation in introducing and winning the structural reforms necessary to achieve a fair and representative democracy. But we need your help to go to the next level.

We can realize our Reform 2020 agenda. The First Million Campaign for Reform 2020 will give us the nation's best reform team, one with skills and experience in advocacy, management, research, and communications that will translate into major wins, new attention, and fresh infusions of support.

The First Million will be catalytic, with millions more to follow. It will lead to more reform victories and more support from foundations and individuals inspired by our progress. By 2020, our nation will be ready to enact fair representation voting for Congress. We will elect our president with a national popular vote. We'll have ranked choice voting ("instant runoff") for dozens of governors and mayors. We'll galvanize a vibrant suffrage movement seeking a constitutional right to vote.

With your contribution, you will be a part of this history.


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