Speakers List

FairVote Board members and staff bring a wealth of knowledge, a wide array of experiences and an innovative approach to talking about elections and reform. Our representatives include noted authors, former political candidates, musicians, academics, voting rights experts and many others.

Partial List of Speakers

Executive director Rob Richie brings two decades of electoral reform leadership at FairVote and has appeared on CNN, Fox, MSNBC, NPR, NBC and C-SPAN.

Board chair Krist Novoselic is author of Of Grunge and Government and a catalyst for change in Washington State. He played bass in the band Nirvana and has addressed young people and met with policymakers around the nation.

Board chair emeritus John B. Anderson served in Congress for two decades, including a decade in the Republican leadership. He ran for president as an independent in 1980.

Board member Hendrik Hertzberg is a senior essayist at The New Yorker and frequently appears on national news and talk programs. The chief White House speechwriter in the final year of Jimmy Carter’s administration, Hertzberg has served on FairVote’s Board since 1995 and frequently writes about FairVote reform ideas.

Board member William Redpath is a former chair of the Libertarian Party and is a two-time candidate for statewide office in Virginia. He has served on the FairVote Board since 1995.

Board member Cynthia Terrell has served as a staffer and Board member for FairVote for twenty years and has run congressional and ballot measure campaigns.

Other staff members, Board members and allies also could be appropriate depending on the venue and topic for your event.

Topics FairVote speakers can address

  • The gerrymandering crisis and the value of proportional representation
  • The Electoral College and the National Popular Vote plan reform proposal
  • Third parties in the United States and proposed changes to electoral rules
  • Making our democracy relevant for young people in 21st century America
  • Voting rights, voter turnout and the case for a constitutional right to vote
  • Reform is possible: Two decades of making a difference and winning change
  • Beyond partisan bickering: envisioning a more effective democracy
  • Representation of women, racial minorities and ideological diversity
  • How to build a democracy movement in your community

Experience / Fees

FairVote speakers have addressed a wide variety of audiences. We have spoken to national conventions of associations of state legislators, county commissioners, secretaries of state and political scientists. We have been frequent speakers on college campuses, national organizations and political parties. Speakers have also addressed churches, high school classes and local reform groups. Our writings have appeared in every major newspaper in the United States and many books. We have frequently appeared on major network television and radio.

FairVote does certain speaking engagements without a fee, but typically receives an honorarium and coverage for travel expenses.

How to Invite a Speaker

Please send an email to us at info[at]fairvote.org with answers to these questions. You can call us at (301) 270-4616 to check in on the status of your query.

1) Preferred speakers in order of preference
2) Date(s) for event and venue
3) Projected audience and event goal
4) Preferred topics(s)
5) Honorarium range and travel reimbursement
6) Materials needed
7) Contact information