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Thank you for your interest in helping FairVote realize its reform vision. FairVote relies heavily on individual gifts to pursue our innovative advocacy and research. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, making all donations fully tax-deductible.

In December 2013, we launched our First Million Campaign.  We seek to raise a million dollars to be able to create a reserve fund, hire four new senior staff, and create new resources to help us realize our Reform 2020 goals. See the campaign explained in our new video, in which celebrities, experts, and elected officials discuss the campaign's vision. To make an online donation to FairVote and/or 2020 Reform, please visit this link:

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Gifts of stock, bequests, Combined Federal Campaign and more: For those interested in other kind of giving to FairVote, please review our Guide to Giving or contact Cynthia Terrell by email ct [at] or by phone at (301) 270-4616.

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Background on FairVote

FairVote leads the nation in proposing and winning innovations to improve our democracy, grounded in a belief that representative democracy depends upon respect for every vote and every voice.

We' have made great progress since 1992 when our organization's founders like John Anderson and Hendrik Hertzberg came together to form an organization to advance reform. Although we regularly generate media coverage for our reform, we don’t just talk – we work in communities to win and defend change.

Our ideas are winning in states and cities across the nation: the ranked choice voting method of instant runoff voting, the National Popular Vote plan for president, voter pre-registration for young Americans, proportional voting systems and redistricting reform all had new wins and first implementations in recent years. Our 2009 video on the power of a new wave of democracy explains how each such victories makes more victories possible.

Here's a little more background on our work from recent year-end messages to our supporters: