What is Fair Representation Voting?

What is Fair Representation Voting?

Fair representation voting describes American, candidate-based forms of proportional representation, like ranked choice voting and other methods. Communities across the United States already use fair representation voting, and it has an impressive history of use in local and state elections. Fair representation voting maximizes the number of votes that help elect representatives by allowing nearly every voter to elect a candidate of choice, not just the biggest and most powerful group of voters.

When electing more than one Member in a multi-winner district, a majority of voters can always elect a majority of seats, but smaller groups can elect someone too. That means many more voters will help elect a candidate they support, who will go into Congress with their interests and values in mind.

It’s time to break up single-party monopolies on representation in our cities, suburbs, and rural communities. It's time for voters to have a strong voice in the political process. It’s time for fair representation.

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