Washington Post editorial renews call for ranked choice voting ("instant runoff") for DC elections

Posted by Rob Richie on May 15, 2015
The Washington Post has had a series of cogent editorials calling for the instant runoff voting form of ranked choice voting to be adopted for elections in Washington, D.C.

Today the Post has a new editorial arguing for ranked choice voting in the wake of two special elections won with less than 50 percent that was the subject of a blog by our communications director Michelle Whittaker earlier this week. Here's an excerpt from the Post editorial:

"Instant runoff voting would allow voters to rank candidates in order of preference. Winners generally would have to combine strong first-choice support with the ability to earn second- and third-choice backing. This method ensures that candidates get elected with a kind of majority support, and it tends to promote more positive campaigning, since candidates hope to become the second choice of voters who support their rivals."

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