University of Minnesota Students Elect New President With Ranked Choice Voting

Posted by Ej Marin on March 07, 2017

On March 5th, The Minnesota Student Association (MSA) at the University of Minnesota used ranked choice voting to elect Trish Palermo as its next President. The election went through four competitive rounds of voting with Palermo earning 52% of the vote at the end of the fourth round. MSA has been using ranked choice voting to conduct its elections since 2010. Since then the voter participation rate of the student body has increased by 91%.

infogram_0_msa_election_student_turnout_from_2010_2017MSA Election Student Turnout from 2010-2017//

In addition to the University of Minnesota, the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota use ranked choice voting to elect their mayor, city council, and other city offices. Ranked Choice voting incentivizes candidates to campaign beyond their own plurality and towards a broader majority. In the coming months, over a half a million college students on more than 50 college campuses, will have their voices heard during their ranked choice voting student government elections.

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