Trump Calls for Kasich to Exit Race

Posted by Molly Rockett on April 04, 2016

Over the weekend, Donald Trump called for John Kasich to exit the Republican race for President, insisting that he had no chance of clinching the nomination with a majority of delegates. Specifically, Trump accused Kasich of "taking" his votes, implying that he considers himself the second-choice candidate of many Kasich supporters. However, in our recent poll of 1000 likely Republican voters, only 6% of those who listed Kasich as their first choice chose Trump as their second choice. Additionally, voters choosing the candidate they most believe in should never be considered "theft" from a different candidate, but there is a way to give all voters more choices at the polls. If Republicans used ranked choice voting in their primary contests, voters could rank all the candidates in order of choice, and no candidate would be considered a "spoiler." 

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