Theodore Landsman

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Theodore Landsman

Theodore Landsman specializes in congressional elections and data analysis. Theo grew up in New York City, and attended Reed College in Portland Oregon, graduating with a BA in Political Science in May of 2016. At Reed, he wrote a senior thesis analyzing the ballot measure process in Oregon and assisted his professors with data projects on early voting and universal voter registration, as well as several document-driven projects on prisoner abuse in Iraq. Theo has participated in a number of political campaigns and has even submitted his own ballot initiative in Oregon (It did not make it onto the ballot). He is currently working on analyzing ballot data from RCV elections, and FairVote's Monopoly Politics report series.

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Posts by Theodore Landsman

Congressional Upheaval and Monopoly Politics

Posted on October 19, 2016

FairVote’s model of U.S. House of Representatives elections shows that House elections are so uncompetitive and skewed that it is unlikely that even a Clinton landslide would deliver Democrats the House.

Meet the Team: Theodore Landsman

Posted on September 15, 2016

Growing up in New York City, I was always an idealist when it came to politics -- a trait which grew deeper after attending an Obama presidential campaign rally in 2008 with my parents, and marching with Occupy Wall Street in 2011. Then I made the decision to major in political science and canvassed for several campaigns. The reality of American politics both academically and from on-the-ground outreach transformed me into something more of a political cynic or (more optimistically) realist. Working at FairVote offers me the ideal outlet for my idealist and realist impulse: to call out the current electoral system and political climate as broken, and champion real, proven reform.

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