Theodore Landsman

Research Associate

Theodore Landsman

Theodore Landsman specializes in congressional elections and data analysis. Theo grew up in New York City, and attended Reed College in Portland Oregon, graduating with a BA in Political Science in May of 2016. At Reed, he wrote a senior thesis analyzing the ballot measure process in Oregon and assisted his professors with data projects on early voting and universal voter registration, as well as several document-driven projects on prisoner abuse in Iraq. Theo has participated in a number of political campaigns and has even submitted his own ballot initiative in Oregon (It did not make it onto the ballot). He is currently working on analyzing ballot data from RCV elections, and FairVote's Monopoly Politics and Redistricting report series.

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Posts by Theodore Landsman

Big changes, major accomplishments for FairVote Research

Posted on December 27, 2017

FairVote’s Research department, 2017 highlights. We produced several substantial reports, and found critical data for our allies in California, New Mexico, Massachusetts and elsewhere. We also said farewell to a few colleagues and welcomed a few more onto the team.

Understanding the Trump effect in the wake of the 2017 election

Posted on November 15, 2017

A major issue FairVote encountered when deciding how to discuss the 2016 election was whether “Trump Effect” that is, the ways in which Trump realigned the electoral map along demographic and regional lines, as shown above, is representative of the new national environment.

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