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Posted on What's New Robert Buderi on August 04, 2015

The 2015 Turkish Election: A More Proportional Result than Usual

Posted on What's New on June 26, 2015

The Turkish election in June 2015 was remarkable for many reasons. In this short piece, FairVote's Robert Buderi explores the ins and outs of the 2015 campaign and the operation of Turkey's party list proportional system. Buderi shows that a high national threshold in a proportional representation system tends to undermine the proportionality of election results and introduce some of the problems rife in winner-take-all plurality systems like the US and Britain. 

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Don't Let Ferguson Turnout Numbers Fool You. America, We Have a Problem.

Posted on What's New on April 09, 2015

Voter turnout in city council elections in Ferguson (MO) increased, and its elected representation is more reflective of its citizenry. But it's not time to celebrate. Executive director Rob Richie analyzes this story as part of disturbing trend in local voter turnout.  

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