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Swing States of America: Candidate Tracker and News, July 24

Posted on What's New by Erin Ellis on May 11, 2012

POTUS analysts report that there may only be five true battleground states this election: Florida, Ohio, Colorado, Virginia and North Carolina. However, if large numbers of Latinos register to vote, new swing states could emerge. In other news, as only 6 percent of voters are still undecided, the candidates' campaigns spend a whopping $400 on each such voter. 

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France Elects a New President: Analysis and Five Notable Facts

Posted on What's New by Hüseyin Koyuncu on May 04, 2012

France elected a new president on May 6 in a majority runoff in which Francois Hollande defeated incumbent president Nicolas Sarkozy. FairVote's director and FairVote intern Huseyin Koyuncu, a French student from Sciences Po, report on the election and five notable facts about how France votes.

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Election Wonk: Growing trend of plurality wins in governors' races

Over the last two years, a staggering 28% of gubernatorial races were awarded to candidates who failed to win 50% of the vote. With so many state executives in power without the expressed consent of the majority, we have to question whether our system successfully functions to deliver the will of the people.

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Kenya Visit Shows Youth Vote Key in Next Presidential Election

Posted on What's New by Tyler Sadonis on April 24, 2012

After a disputed election in 2007 caused violence and chaos across Kenya, the youth are organizing to ensure a different outcome when Kenyans return to the polls in 2013 to elect a new president.

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International Women's Day: Time for Political Equality

Posted on What's New by Lindsey Needham on March 08, 2012

Today, March 8th, is International Women's Day! As we honor the accomplishments of women all over the world, FairVote takes a moment to investigate the lack of women in political office. What can we do to increase women's representation?

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Happy 200th Birthday to the "Gerry-mander"

Posted on What's New by Tyler Sadonis on February 17, 2012

Saturday February 11, 2012 marked the 200th birthday of the "Gerry-mander." With 2012 redistricting plans taking shape, gerrymandering continues to be prevalent. FairVote advocates for an alternative reform to fundamentally change the way we draw district boundaries.

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PR Proposal For California: Interview with Michael Latner

Posted on What's New by Krist Novoselic on October 26, 2011

Prof. Michael S. Latner recently published a paper this year on proportional representation in California. He summarized the importance of replacing winner-take-all with a fair voting system:  "This speaks to the question of genuine reform versus sort of superficial reform. If we had moderate Republicans elected from the most populous areas of the state and more moderate Democrats coming from central valley and the mountain regions, then you would see a genuine change in the partisan composition of the legislature; because they would be representing people who right now aren’t being represented in the legislature.  It would be more genuine reform."

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Why Approval Voting is Unworkable in Contested Elections

Posted on What's New by The Non-majority Rule Desk on July 29, 2011

Approval voting is a method of voting to elect single winners that has adherents among some voting theorists, but it is unworkable in contested elections in which voters have a stake in the outcome. Once aware of how approval voting works, strategic voters will always earn a significant advantage over less informed voters. This problem with strategic voting far outweighs any other factor when evaluating the potential use of approval voting in governmental elections - and is also true of range voting, score voting, the Borda Count and Bucklin voting.

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Voting Rights Constitutional Amendment Gathers Steam

Posted on What's New by Right To Vote Blog, Jo Mckeegan on July 22, 2011

 Nothing is more fundamental to democracy that a fully protected right to vote. That’s why it belongs in the U.S. Constitution.That's why we so pleased to share good news. Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. has introduced HJR 28, the Right to Vote amendment. If you want to support HJR 28, you can take action today. Without such a right specifically enumerated in our Constitution, our fundamental voting rights are at risk.   

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Lower Presidential Election Turnout in Safe Republican States

Posted on What's New by Neal Suidan on July 08, 2011

Thirteen states have voted for Republicans in every presidential election since 1980: Alabama, Alaska, Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah and Wyoming. This track record makes them the most consistently safe Republican strongholds in modern presidential politics. In 1988, these states’ turnout barely trailed that of the rest of the country, by 2.56%. But in every election since, these 13 states have fallen further behind. In 2008, their turnout was 6.22% behind the rest of the nation. 

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