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Fix the Top Two Primary: Admirable Goals Don’t Justify Indefensible Outcomes

Posted on What's New by Drew Spencer Penrose, Anthony Ramicone on June 11, 2014

California on June 3rd held its primary elections, which are conducted using a "top two" format. In this analysis, we assess the impact of top two and provide a solution for a way forward.

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Fixing Top Two with Open General Elections: the Colorado Innovation

Posted on What's New by Drew Spencer Penrose on May 27, 2014

Opening primary elections to include all voters should not mean closing general elections when most people vote, as it has in California and Washington and may soon in Oregon. Fortunately, an alternative proposal in Colorado is gaining momentum.

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Proven Innovations to Uphold Voting Rights for Overseas Voters

Posted on What's New by Drew Spencer Penrose on May 20, 2014

FairVote has just submitted written testimony to the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration arguing for a fairer approach to accommodating the needs of deployed military and overseas voters.

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Open General Elections Deserve Support in Colorado

Posted on What's New by Drew Spencer Penrose on May 06, 2014

On Tuesday, April 29th, a group of Colorado activists called The Coalition for a New Colorado Election System held a press conference to announce that it has begun collecting signatures for a new approach to election reform. This approach will both open the primaries to independent voters while simultaneously opening the general election to real electoral competition.

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FairVote and Elderhostel

Posted on What's New by Drew Spencer Penrose on April 30, 2014

This past Tuesday, FairVote had the opportunity to present on FairVote’s key reforms to a group of Elderhostelers (now called “Road Scholars”), on winner-take-all, polarization, partisan bias, and the fair voting solution.

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A Response to Deceptive Claims About Draft Academic Paper on Ranked Choice Voting and Turnout

Posted on What's New by Drew Spencer Penrose on April 17, 2014

Why one anti-ranked choice voting agitator's mischaracterization of a withdrawn draft paper purporting to show that RCV leads to declining turnout should not be taken seriously.

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The Role of Ranked Choice Voting in 2013

Posted on What's New by Rob Richie, Drew Spencer Penrose on November 29, 2013

If you followed the local elections and the special elections that took place in 2013, you probably heard some stories about ranked choice voting - and there's a good chance they were positive.

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When Barack Obama Was a Leader in Seeking Fair Voting Systems

Posted on What's New by Drew Spencer Penrose, Rob Richie on December 20, 2012

President Barack Obama has a lot on his mind these days, but the state of our democracy remains critical. Fortunately, judging by Obama's record in the Illinois Senate --where he was the prime sponsor of legislation to advance cumulative voting and instant runoff voting - we haven't had a president as informed about good ideas for taking on electoral reform since James Madison and the founding generation. 

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